Local Angler/Author William Laing – “Waiting For The Hatch Watching For A Rise”


A reflection: The life of a flyfisherman. People, places, & rivers remembered
E. William Laing

Bill Laing is a 78-year-old retired Dentist and life-long Flyfisherman. He lives in Eugene Oregon with his wife, Shirley. The McKenzie River is his home-water. He is a charter member of the McKenzie Flyfishers, charter member of the International Federation of Flyfishers, and a long time member of the McKenzie River Guides Association.
This collection of stories is from a lifetime of experiences and memories. It’s mostly, but not exclusively about fly-fishing,
You won’t learn how to catch more or bigger fish. You won’t learn the best places to fish. You will learn about the people who fly-fish, the personalities of flyfishers. You’ll learn about other people and events that have affected Bill’s life.

A book for the seasoned angler — Humorous, thoughtful, and entertaining stories every Flyfisher can relate to. Bill Laing captures the essence of fly-fishing and eloquently reveals there is more to fly-fishing than catching fish. Buy it today at the Caddisfly — $12

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1 Response to Local Angler/Author William Laing – “Waiting For The Hatch Watching For A Rise”

  1. Bill,
    I just finished your book, and it was terrific! You are a great writer, and It just amaze me how our lives have greatly parallel each other. Boating, fishing, shared lakes, rivers, hard boat adventures, and life long friends–I was amazed at our shared philosophy,experiences,attitudes, and acquaints. Much of what you wrote belongs to my parallel world–just change the names add skiing and down play duck hunting, and we have lived the same lives.
    Winston Maxwell, Roland Medel, and Ron Oglesby, and skiing could have written that book (had we the skill that you have honed)
    Tomorrow I am going Warm Spring to Trout Creek in my Willie boat, that my wife thinks I should sell since i dont use it much.
    I would consider a similar trip with you this fall if you were interested.
    Thanks again for the great read, and I sure like to know what happened to Charlotte Webb.
    Craig MacCloskey (Thurston)

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