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Gary Palmer is building a portfolio of podcasts on website, Fishing the Oregon Coast and asked if he could interview me about SEA FLIES , a recent book I published on Amazon.  Gary and his wife are super enthusiastic ocean fishers, found my book online, ordered it, and are now making plans to add fly fishing to their usual tactics for fishing the ocean.

This has been my first podcast interview, and it was fun talking to Gary, a fellow angler who is now excited about the possibilities of fly fishing in the ocean.  That was one of my key motivations in writing SEA FLIES, because at present there are so darn few people waving fly rods around here off the Oregon Coast, and the fly fishing is so darn good, and I wanted to share the idea so that more people would find out just how much fun it really is.

Never thought that someone like Gary would find the book and lend his support spreading the word so fast.  The SEA FLIES Contents are shown below.

jay nicholas sea flies cover

You may visit my podcast interview with Gary by clicking here.

I’m happy to report that John Harrell is now a licensed Captain and will be booking ocean dory fly fishing trips out of Pacific City this season.  Good news for folks who want to see just how much fun ocean fly fishing can be from a small boat.  Far as I know, opportunities to fly fish the ocean offshore Oregon with guides who specialize in the fly rod are rare.

If you know another saltwater fly guide, please send in a comment and email the shop, because we want to help connect anglers with fly fishing guides so we are building a portfolio of contacts we can refer clients to.

John’s contact is through Pacific City Fly Fishing.  I’ve fished the ocean with John for three years now, and he is a great person to help you get off the beach and into the salty brine to pursue black rockfish, lingcod, salmon, and even tuna (conditions permitting) with the fly rod.

Jay Nicholas Coho Tube fly

All fun, and I’m itching to get out on the ocean soon, whenever the surf lays down the lingcod should be in shallow water for the next few months and my fly rod is rigged and ready to go.

I sure encourage you to give the ocean fly fishing a go from a dory boat, because it is fun to have the sea monsters pulling back from the end of your line.

Jay Nicholas, January 2015








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4 Responses to Sea Flies Book Featured on Podcast

  1. Tapper says:

    John Harrell, and his dad Jack, are really super guys to spend the day with. Really nice, really knowledgeable about salt on the fly, and the ol’ Golden Comet is a fish catching machine.

    Congrats on the captains license, John!

  2. two dogs says:

    Very nice indeed. If you haven’t had the chance, it’s a very good read. Thanks for sharing, Jay.

  3. Fred Hayes says:

    Jay, you just straight up rock!
    Looks like a GREAT BOOK!!

    Fred in Eagle Point

  4. Boba Fett says:

    The male lingcod will honorably defend his egg mass for over a month. He’ll lurk in the same spot and be fairly easy to locate. God I love casting flies to these swimming teeth, and I’m sure you all do as well. Just be aware that a solid percentage of spring lingcod are concerned fathers just doing their job!
    Jay, I’ve learned so much through your blog and on this site about the watery world around us – Thank you all.
    May the blacks be up top and the wind mild….

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