Reminder, December 12 & 13 – Rob Russell and Jay Tying Flies at Shop

Reminder: December 19 & 20, Jay’s at Shop – with Rob Russell on the 20th.

Rob Russell will be at the fly bench on Saturday too, and it will be fun to re-connect and pry some great new fly patterns out of this guy.  He will also be able to talk about a book he and I are working on – “Modern Steelhead Flies”, scheduled for release by Stackpole in 2015.


I’ll be tying flies and displaying published copies of 5 new books and any books ordered will be delivered to the shop the following weekend with personalized signatures.

Fly Fishing Book of Revelation: The Ultimate Irreverent Illustrated Fishing Glossary.

Super Flies:  The 52 Best for Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, and Cutthroat Flies Since 1962.

Super Flies ~ Color:  For Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, and Cutthroat.

Sea Flies: For Salmon, Sea Bass, Lingcod, and Albacore.

Sketch: Flies, Fish, Fly Fishig

December 12 – Tying winter steelhead tube flies (Friday 10 – 4)


I’ll demonstrate use of the HMH Tube Fly Adaptor, ProSportfisher, and NOR Vise Tube fly tying tools to compose several basic tube flies that would be appropriate to fish this winter for steelhead.

December 13 – Rob Russell will tie anything you request, from Intruders to salmon flies.

Jay – Tying flies featured in Super Flies book (Saturday 10 – 4)


These will include flies for trout, steelhead, salmon, and sea-run cutthroat and I will be happy to take requests from folks who have interest in particular flies.

While this is the plan – I’ll have a full range of my fly tying materials at the shop and be prepared to shift gears if there are special requests for different fly styles or patterns

From coastal lake trout to albacore and salmon in between, let’s have fun tying flies and sharing our experiences and discoveries.

Hope to see you there.

Jay Nicholas

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2 Responses to Reminder, December 12 & 13 – Rob Russell and Jay Tying Flies at Shop

  1. Colin Lewis says:

    Well done Jay. I will be buying your books soon!

  2. Chaz says:

    Are your new books going to be for sale on the site? I can’t make it to the event this weekend but would love to get copies!

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