Daiichi Black Ace Saltwater Hook Albacore Fly

New Daiichi Hook the Black Ace 3111 Saltwater Hook was put to the test the last 3 days out of Pacific City and it is a winner.  The fly above caught tuna on the cast and strip retrieve and has earned a place in my box.

No video here, but here are the steps to construct this fly and I’m guessing it will catch many species of saltwater fish in addition to our Albacore.  Pardon the rush, but I’ve got fishing to do.

Hook in vise, this is the magnum head of my Regal and essential for a 6/0 hook size.

The lower portion of the belly is EP Sparkle Brush in Pearl Magic.

Ok, follow please secure the following in order from bottom to top:  first, Brush ‘N Wing #01 White; #12 Violet Night;, #11 Herring Back or #20 Peacock.  Top with Krystal Flash #13 Mixed Colors.  Add Lateral Scale #1733 on both sides.

Oh yeah, I tie with Danville’s .006 Monofilament.

Tie off and press a pair of Super Pearl 5/16 inch eyes on both sides.  Dab Cure Goo ( I like the Tack Free Squeeze) between the eyes on top then repeat on bottom.  I use the Pro Plus lamp to set the goo.

the Upper fly lured several  Albacore over the last 3 days, and the lower fly is the one I tied for this photo shoot.

I have also had great success tying on Gamakatsu SL 12 and SC 15 2H hooks in sizes 3/0 to 6/0 this season.  Just wanted to share my appreciation of this new hook from Daiichi, it is a winner in my estimation.

Jay Nicholas September 2014

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