Got Feathers in Stock?


It’s been a long time since we have had a selection of high quality fly tying feathers in the shop. But as we speak the selection is superb and it includes some really diverse stuff that will help you tie everything from Fall beatis patterns to Winter Steelhead Intruders.


Some of the highlights include full Whiting Guinea Fowl Skins, Whiting Black Laced dyed Hen Saddles, and Dyed Whiting High and Dry Hackle Capes.


For dry fly saddles we now have plenty of Metz #2 saddles in Grizzly, Cream, Ginger and Dun. In Whiting dry fly saddles we have High and Dry Saddles, full saddles, half saddles in bronze, Pro Grade Midge Saddles and Pro Grade Capes.


If your hackle selection is in need of an upgrade come on by or order online today.

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