Pacific City Albacore Fly Fishing August 22, 2014

We departed the beach in The Fly Guy early, not quite as early as planned, but that is another  story.  At least we got going!

At about 25 miles offshore, we had our first hookup, on a traditional cedar plug, and this fish came to the gaff with great ceremony.

Each fish was dispatched using a strictly defined ritual that involves pithing, immersion in salt brine ice water, quick chilling, and bleeding to keep the fish genuine certified “Sushi grade”.  Not all details I understand but our skipper John does, and we followed protocol to maintain the highest quality food product.

about 10 AM, we had tuna boiling at the boat, but the wind began to pick up.  Drat it all.  Fishing with three other dories, they decided to head for the beach to be safe, so we left fish behind for another day and made our very wet way back ashore.

Our Captain John Leach had his dory running smoothly, and we braved moderate seas and plenty of water over the bow, back to to a beach bathed in sun and crowded with tourists interested to see what we had caught.  A nice few Albacore in the box, and an appetite for our next trip offshore to chase these beasties.

Back at my cabin, friends Ed, Kevin, and Jack were sorting and re-icing their catch for the day, and I asked for a quick photo of their two big fish, honest thirty pounders.

These are magnificent game fish on gear and fly rods alike.  I did not get a pull on my fly, but 4 of 5 anglers who fished a fly did – that makes my chances of hooking up on a fly the next time out – about the same as before, I guess.  But those of you who know me understand that I’ll be working the “Buggy Whip” as Blair Wiggins would say.

Wish me luck next time….

Jay Nicholas August 23, 2014

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  1. two dogs says:

    Go for it, Jay!!!

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