Silvers Tripple on Bucktails at Pacific City

Once in a while, if we are really lucky, it all comes together.  Today was one of those miracle days. I’m too tired to write much, and that’s probably a relief for a lot of our readers.  Just imagine what goes on when three guys hook up on hot ocean silvers within about fifteen seconds.  I’ll let these photos speak for the action, and simply say that it was hot fun.

Ok, details.

The water was 48.

The rods we fished included ECHO ION, ECHO PRIME, and SAGE ONE; equipped with RIO Outbound, RIO Striper, and AIRFLO Sniper lines; loaded on ECHO ION, Hatch, and Nautilus reels; with leaders tipped with tube bucktails and clousers trolled behind the dory.

Most of the fish were hooked on the troll, but several were hooked as follows –  after one guy hooked up,  we cut the motor,  and the other guys retrieved, hooking fish on an erratic retrieve to the boat.  We have also been hooking a few fish letting the dory drift with the wind and current,  casting and strip-retrieving when we think there are fish around.

Nap time.  If you have a chance to get out in the ocean with a fly rod, you never know what you may discover, but i doubt that you could be disappointed unless your expectations are set too high.  On several of our trips this season we never touched a silver; on another trip we only brought one fish to net, so don’t expect this sort of multi-salmon theatrics every time out – but when it happens, it’s pay-off for the searching and patience.

Jay Nicholas, August 5 2014

PS:  always check the regulations before you go.

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  1. Scott says:

    Your killing me here! We’re battling 25-35 mph winds down here in Coos Bay and you guys up there fishing in what looks like no wind to a light breeze an catching fish to boot……. I’m soooooooooooo jealous.

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