Deschutes River Salmon Fly Trip

Blog reader and freelance photographer Joshua Rainey sent us a writeup of his recent Deschutes Salmon Fly Trip:

We floated Warm Springs to Trout Creek on Friday/Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. The fishing started off really good with a few fish to hand over 18”. By noon a pretty big storm rolled in and we were battling heavy winds and a strong rain. The fishing completely died during the rain. We set up camp during the storm and then tried to fish it out but only picked up one fish. We ended up waiting out the storm for a few hours and it eventually let up. After things cleared the fishing turned on. Big fish were looking up and we had a bunch of success on darker colored chubbies. Brought in plenty of fish that evening and had a ton of fun fishing dries. The next day was really slow but we didn’t mind so much after the great fishing on day 1. Picked up a few fish on a 16 red copper john and some chubbies. Not much surface activity all day long on Saturday and didn’t see nearly as many bugs on the grass in the lower section of that float. All in all a great trip on an awesome river!

Check out more of Josh’s salmonfly photos here.

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