Caddis Fly Shop Albacore Adventure August 2013

The Caddis Fly Shop partnered with Capt Jad Donaldson and his fine vessel, the OPPOR-TUNA-TY, a 42 ft all weather craft powered by triple 300 hp engines, to fly fish for Albacore Tuna in the Pacific Ocean west of Garabaldi, on August 18 and 19, 2013.

We had a wonderful time. We cast the fly to Tuna, caught just enough to make our hearts full and open our minds to the possibilities out there west of our usual trout, salmon, steelhead, and carp haunts here in Oregon.

We did not troll, although we could have if circumstances required.  We all caught Albacore on the cast and retrieved fly.  We were all amazed by the fish and the overall quality of the experience.

‘Nuff said.  Here are some trip photos.  If you have the interest, we will be pleased to help you connect with Jad or you may contact him directly.  He provides a first class, highly affordable opportunity (OPPOR-TUNA-TY) to actually cast a fly to one of the hottest fly rod fish in our home waters.

Best to you all.

Jay Nicholas, August 2013

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  1. Don Childs says:

    Looks like you all had a blast.
    Did anyone tell those guys that it may take years to get to Albacore odor out of his waders. Year ago I worked on an Albacore boat and we kept a special set of slicker gear just for Albacore run.

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