Sage Method and Rio Switch Chucker Demonstration Video

George Cook demonstrates the new Sage 7119-4 Method Switch Rod. The Method 7 weight switch is the do it all rod for large anadromous species, streamer fishing and beyond. I found it to be the easiest switch rod I have ever spey cast. The new Rio Switch Chucker fly line gives anglers a “spey castable” line as well as a nymphing line when the indicator needs to come out. The Switch Chucker is vastly different than the Rio Switch Line and Rio Indicator Line which have been popular “winter steelhead nymphing” lines on the West Coast.

The Switch Chucker will play the nymphing game without a doubt, but where it excels is in it’s ability to cast the added sink tip or poly leader. Imagine your out Winter steelheading and you know your in a prime run or slot water with fish holding in it. Your confident you can tie up the “bobber rig” with a lowly glowly egg pattern and an indicator and get the job done but you really want to swing a fly through the run first. With the Rio Switch Chucker you can add a MOW tip a short leader and a heavy fly and give the run a deep probing swing with your switch rod. Instead of struggling with line designed for nymphing you have a line that will turn over that heavy fly and tip for the swing. Now if the swing doesn’t get the job down quickly remove the MOW tip and put on the indicator and get back to the business of dead drifting. No muss no fuss, one line does it all and does it well!

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