Happy Father’s Day

OK, so what if Father’s Day is just a ploy to sell ties and was actually signed into law by Richard Nixon. Try to sit back and enjoy a day dedicated to manly pursuits and pleasures. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll spend it with your kids, your dad or both fishing.

Last week, I got to spend a week taking my son on his first dedicated fishing vacation — a short ferry trip to the Lake Erie islands — the Key West of Canada. Three generations of Stansberrys spent the week unhooking thousands of sheephead (freshwater drum), deep frying walleye, and teaching my four-year-old new vocabulary my wife won’t appreciate. Some photos:


At the ferry

Sheephead eye



Ol' Moon Eyes

Put-in Bay

Night heron

2013-06-03 08.00.20

Enjoy the day.

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