Foam Popper Fly Tying Video

Tony Torrence ties a gurgling and popping Bass/Snook/Tarpon fly pattern. The fly requires numerous steps but is very durable and active on the surface. If you decide to use the pattern in salt water try a saltwater hook like a a S12S Gamakatsu in larger sizes. The techniques for front portion of the fly can be adapted to many of your steelhead skater style patterns.


Gurgling Snake Foam Popper

Thread: Black Veevus 8/0
Hook: Gamakatsu B10 Size 4-2/0
Weed Guard: 20lb Hard Mono
Tail: Black 2mm Foam, Purple Magnum Rabbit Strip, Hareline Purple Haze Holographic Flash
Abdomen: Black 2mm Foam
Back: Black and Purple 2mm Foam
Thorax: Black and Purple Schlappen; Purple Life Flex

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