Rare Reels For Sale in Eugene Oregon

We don’t normally post items for sale on OregonFlyFishingBlog however the reels photographed below are so unique we thought it would be cool for readers to have a look at them and even have a shot at purchasing them if desired.

Two Classic Bogdan Reels for Sale:

Jon Lund of Eugene, Oregon has two Bogdans for sale. The are a Model 400 and a
Model 300, sometimes referred to as the Nordic Salmon Models, being 4″ ,
and 3 3/4″ wide drum multipliers. They are right hand wind. Both were made by
Stan and Steve Bogdan in the 1990’s and have been carefully used and well
maintained. There are no nicks or dings on either and while not new they are in
excellent condition. Each comes with a custom Arne Mason Vom Hofe style leather
case. They are the perfect compliment to a two-hand rod. Only serious offers
will be entertained and if you wish to make an offer or have questions answered
about either of the reels please contact Jon directly via his email address
which is: lundj41@comcast.net.



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11 Responses to Rare Reels For Sale in Eugene Oregon

  1. stephan says:

    still availble

  2. Raymond Plouffe says:

    Hi-I saw the post and may be interested. I have Bogdan reels, so I know that they do have value. I would be interested in knowing your asking price. Who knows, perhaps I could be tempted to make yet another unnecessary rell purchase!



  3. William Sage says:

    I am looking for a 1970’s Hardy Sovereign 3-4-5 fly reel and Orvis CFO II or III fly reels. Do you have any or know anyone who is interested in selling either?

  4. Anne Mackay says:

    anyone have either a bogdan 400 or 300 for sale or know where I might
    find them? Need to be mint or near mint condition, thanks

  5. simon armijo says:

    I have a Bogdon 300 for sale in mint condition if any one is interested. Contact at armijo simon@yahoo.con or 575-517-7201

  6. Carl Ljungström says:

    What is The asking price please ?
    Are they LHW IF not is IT Possible to change

    Best regards Carl Ljungström

  7. bertil friman says:

    i have 4 Bogdan reels for sale +1 Edward vom hof 4,0
    Bogdan 50 rhw
    Bogdan 150 rhw
    Bogdan 0 rhw
    Bogdan 400 rhw

  8. Earl Fleegler says:

    What does bertil friman want for his 4/0 vom hof?

  9. Dave Browne says:

    I would like to know if.the 50. is available? I am actively seeking one. Please send all
    pertinent information. Thanks, Dave

  10. David Little says:

    I would like to see if one of these Bogdan 400 models is still for sale. Thanks.

  11. Thor Pedersen says:

    I`m looking for a Bogdan 300 or 400 reel, preferably RHW, but its not a must.
    Please contact me at: tos-pede@online.no

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