Spinning A Strike Point For Intruder Style Steelhead and Salmon Flies: Instructional Video

Jay Nicholas shows some basic methodology in fly tying. – how to tie in a so-called strike-point by using a dubbing loop with STS Trilobal Dubbing and American Possum: a technique that is popular for Steelhead and Salmon flies.

The Strike point is a bright color-spot that attracts the fish’s attention and trigger a grab, ha ha.

This product is offered by Pro Sportfisher and makes an excellent hair to spin butt and thorax sections of flies as it has a translucent sparkly texture and very spikey guard hairs

The American Possum fur is an on-hide patch made available in a wide variety of colors and could also be used for wings on trout and Sea Trout flies.

Jay typically first uses a razor blade to cut a strip of hair off the piece to form an easier means of trimming off the right amount of hair to spin in the dubbing loop.

He also depends on a Marc Petitjean Dubbing Twister, long straight scissors in the process of constructing this dubbing loop.

Key materials featured in this fly tying instruction video are:

Marc Petitjean Dubbing Twister

Marc Petitjean Magic Tool
Marc Petitjean Long Loop Trim Scissors
Hareline STS Trilobal Dubbin
Pro Sportfisher American Possum

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