Methods of creating collars on Steelhead and Salmon Flies

Jay Nicholas shows how to tie in a collar for salmon and steelhead flies using three different means: the 1.5 inch EP Foxy Brush, Pro Sportfisher Marble Fox, and Greg Senyo’s Laser Yarn.

All of these methods are alternatives to using saddle hackles, neck hackles, or Schlappen to form collars on flies. Although features as for use on salmon and steelhead flies, these materials are great on saltwater, pike, musky, and bass flies too.

Jay notes that the colors and lengths of materials featured in this videos are a little different and so is the overall appearance of the finished product, but you will get the idea of how to use each material.

He also notes that the EP Foxy Brush is also available in 3inch size in addition to the 1.5 inch version featured in this video.

Key materials featured in this fly tying instruction video are:

EP Foxy Brush 1.5”
DR Slick GOLD Barb Crushing Clamp
Pro SportFisher Marble Fox
Hareline Arctic Fox Tail
Senyo’s Laser Yarn

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