Spring postcard from Ohio

Greetings from the heartland folks. Just a short note and a bunch of photos to let you know we’re thawing out here in the middle of the country. Most mornings start out in the 30s, but as long as it stops snowing, I think we’ll be OK.

I took up gear fishing. Something our buddy John Larison said about learning new waters quicker with a spinning rod in his steelhead book. The idea seemed to call to me, the wacky baits, run down tackleshops, something new. But the fact is, I can cover water better and catch more fish with a damn fly rod.

That’s more of a commentary on my skill with gear than it is a boast about my fly fishing ability. I switched back to wooly buggers because putting fish on the bank is important when your main fishing partner is a four year old.

Hope to have a bunch of oddball warmwater fishing stories for you soon, stuff that’s more interesting than getting skunked on Lake St. Clair looking for Pike a month before they show up, or catching bigmouth bass in a rundown canal on the south side of Akron. But in the meantime, let the following serve as postcard from the Rust Belt:

Trees budding!

Barberton Bassmaster

Red ear panfish



Turtles and trash

Water Snake

Rocky River Mouth Lake Erie


Eastern Red-backed Salamander

Cuyahoga sucka

Ohio wildflowers CVNP


Crappie Hawg Time

Keepin it real.

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2 Responses to Spring postcard from Ohio

  1. Matt says:

    If you haven’t checked them out, south of you a bit are the AEP Recreation lands. Full of lakes and ponds that have many bass and ‘gills in them. Even a few crappie (introduced by the public, I was told by ODNR). You can get a free map of the area and hike to ponds that most never bother fishing and drop a float tube in.
    Former Ohioan,

  2. RR says:

    Dude, I saw how you handled a spinning outfit. Yikes. Just steer clear of bait-casters altogether 🙂

    Missin’ all you Stansnuggets out here…

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