Victory in McKenzie Bridge: Goose Island

News from Save McKenzie Bridge:

Thanks to you and about 5259 other signors of the “Goose Project” petition, the court has ruled that the request set forth in our petition for an Environmental Impact Statement was warranted and just! Effective now, the Goose project at McKenzie bridge has been stopped. It may not be stopped forever, the USFS may complete an EIS and start over (or they may not) but not without the input from the public that we sought to provide. We now have an opportunity to make our voices heard and to shape this project with a unified voice.

Upper McKenzie 2009

The Goose project, if implemented, eliminated over 1200 acres of potential wilderness…pristine, healthy forest land without roads, undisturbed and unspoiled by human development.

The Goose project, if implemented, destroyed critical habitat needlessly.

The Goose project, if implemented, logged in sensitive watershed areas, despite a law that requires such logging to be beneficial to the riparian area.

The Goose project, if implemented, scarred the landscape for decades to come and destroyed the peaceful nature of McKenzie Bridge by running some 9000 log trucks through town.

If the Forest Service chooses to proceed with the environmental impact statement, I hope you will join us once again to make our voices heard loud and clear. The loss of potential wilderness, habitat and water quality is worth fighting. I’m very proud to say that together we all made a difference. Stay tuned as we make sure we don’t lose ground going forward.

Once again…THANK YOU ALL!

Jerry Gilmour
Save McKenzie Bridge

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