Last Call for Winter Steelhead 2013 Season

Winter steelhead fly fishing

Spring trouting is around the corner..

However, March is one of our favorite months to target winter steelhead. Longer, generally dryer, and warmer days lend to more comfortable conditions. The rivers are in peak splendor and performance.

clay holloway with a winter steelhead on the umpqua river

Bonus: gone are the hatchery fish hunting crowds of January and February.

Here’s a sampling of some local river critters

Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Umqua River

Winter Steelhead fly fishing caddis fly shop

The 1st of April signals the end of our guided winter steelhead trips. So if you have been considering hiring a guide to give you an Oregon winter steelhead experience, the time is now.

Ty and Clay Holloway

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2 Responses to Last Call for Winter Steelhead 2013 Season

  1. Scott & Lorna Rischmueller says:

    Looking to gather information on fly fishing OR for Winter Steelhead. Wife teaches, so our typical window of opportunity lies during her Christmas and spring breaks; typically the last week in December/1st week in January as well as the 2nd or 3rd week in March. Plus we do a lot of upland bird hunting (primarily pheasants) over and behind our girls (yellow pointing labs) in October/November; leaving a small window of opportunity to fly fish. Questions: 1.) Top rivers to fish (order of your preference)? 2.) Time of the year? 3.) General expectations? 4.) Cost/day? 5.) Walk-In / Drift? 6.) Drift boats or raft? Would appreciate any and all information that pertains. Looking forward to seeing some new country and making new friends in 2013/2014. Sincerely, Scott and Lorna

  2. Ty says:


    Please Email the shop at, will gladly address all the questions you have asked.

    thank you

    -Caddis Fly Shop

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