The New Year Brings Fresh Chrome: Oregon Winter Steelhead Report

winter steelhead fly fishing

The New Year greeted us with great river conditions as the high and brown water that blighted most of December dropped and cleared into the ideal range on many of the rivers draining the coast range. Some of the guys on the Caddis Fly guide staff were on hand to take a steelhead census on a number of central coast drainages. The results are in: it appears we have another great winter steelhead season on our hands with good returns of adult fish to our coastal rivers.

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oregon fly fishing winter stealhead

The photos in this entry are from this past week’s fishing with Ethan, Clay, Bryson and Ty .

The weather prognosticators claim we don’t have a major storm in our immediate future, so fishing conditions should remain good until the next gully-washer rolls in. Throughout the rest of the winter, river conditions will fluctuate, as they always do, with the whim of the weather, but barring the immediate aftermath of a prolonged downpour, there is usually somewhere good to fish within striking distance of the Eugene area.

winter steelhead guiding

A guided fishing trip is a great way to jump-start your Winter steelheading knowledge and steepen your learning curve. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of winter steelhead flyfishing, or have never held a fly rod before, our guides are excited to show you a great day on the water. You are guaranteed to learn a good deal, and chances are you will encounter large and angry, silvery fish on the end of your line.

winter steelhead photos

Cold weather deters some anglers from braving Winter’s icy flows, but a heater system installed in the drift boat makes fishing warm and comfortable on even the nastiest days. Both Ethan’s and Clay’s boats have dual propane heater systems installed that keep guests toasty while they fish without any of the hazards usually associated with heater heads (melted waders, fly lines, etc).

Bryson with a nice Winter fish in the sunshine today

clay with a mess o fish

The 2013 Winter steelhead season is just getting started. Good opportunities to chase chrome will persist through March. Whether you book a trip with us or go out fishing on your own, it is time to get out on the river.
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  1. mike doughty says:

    some great looking fish

  2. JE Cooley says:

    Time to update the report for 2014 Winter Steelhead ! Thanks !!

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