Christmas Comes Early on the South Island

wanaka view

I enjoy nothing more than walking up a river that’s new to me. The thought of a new beat on a new stream resembles the anticipation I felt as a child leading up to Christmas morning. Today’s walk was perfect, a river to yourself, great weather and good fishing.

south island brown

south island brown head shot

alpine lupine in bloom

view from mt iron

Stay tuned for more early Christmas reports from the South Island.
I brought down a Sage Circa 5wt, a bunch of new flies and Rio’s New 13.5ft Suppleflex Leaders. Today’s stick was a 590-4 ONE, with 10-15 MPH winds it was the best choice. Hopefully the weather will settle a bit and I will get some casts, comparisons and catches in with the Circa.

Nice to be trouting again

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  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Com’on Chris. Three different pictures of the same fish and no pictures of Pasty or Cash

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