Summer Steelhead Photos

Many of you know Tony Torrence from our fly tying videos of late, but he has been a fixture in the local angling community for around 30 years. Despite health issues the last couple of years his enthusiasm for tying and fishing never wavered. Thanks for sharing this Summers photos with us Tony.

tony with summer fish

After a rough couple of years fighting health issues I was able to get out and chase Steelhead this summer. I owe my friends a big thank you for dragging me around as I made my recovery over the Spring and Summer months. Matt, Paul, Jeff, Don, and Dean, you are my heroes for keeping me in the game when I could barely walk. Here are the photos of a wonderful Summer Steelhead Season with my dear friends!


summer steelhead release



purple slip knot


nice to be here


summer fish


uncle jeff

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5 Responses to Summer Steelhead Photos

  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Great pictures.

    Keep the fly tying videos coming. Always learn something.

    And let’s go fishing!


  2. Brian Marz says:

    So glad you are doing much better Tony. You are an inspiration for anyone who thinks it is all over when bad news like cancer strikes. Keep up the fight and keep on fishing!!!

  3. David Swart says:

    Glad your back Toni,love your tying style,& your comments on patterns,love the word waggle(hope I spelled it right),hope you have many more good trips,& tight lines,chas’n steelies,keep them comming.

  4. No, no, no Anthony, THANK YOU! your friendship, generosity and companionship on all the “Tamanawis” Rivers we’ve shared over the years mean so much to me. I always learn something new from your vast knowledge and encyclopedic grasp of the waters we love and the fish we chase. And your courage and determination has been inspirational to all who know and love you, Gail and Gavin. Easy mends Amigo!

  5. Marc Robershaw says:

    Nice to see you out and fishing Tony. Hope to see you kicking it at the CDU work desk sometime in the future. BSing and causing trouble like usual. Marc.

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