High Cascade Lake Report

Crane & East lake 015

With a hint of Fall in the air and another member of the Men’s Technical Conference retiring (Ken C.), we headed off to the Cascades last week. First stop was Crane Prairie. With little wind and a glass like surface, we headed out. Trolling Thin Mints and Hare’s Ears provided some results. Fishing was fair at best. It was the usual Crane behavior, long periods of time between fish, but “it only takes one Cranebow to make the day!” There is nothing like the onset of Fall and no greater place to see the mighty Cascades than Crane.

Crane & East lake 011

The second day we headed over to East Lake where we had better results. The Callibaetis hatch was full on! The Thorax Callabaetis was the hot fly. Ken and I enjoyed the hatch for many hours. Casting toward the shore and into the middle of the caldera to rising fish was a real treat. Casting a dry fly, waiting for a passing fish, sipping a tall cool one, and a fine cigar provided relief from a warm day. Fish rose continually from morning until late afternoon. We should all get out and enjoy the last few weeks of a disappearing summer!

Crane & East lake 041

Crane & East lake 044

Crane & East lake 023

Crane & East lake 034

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