Deschutes Steelhead Report

Just got back from a fun trip on the lower 40 miles of the Deschutes River with family and friends. I spent both early mornings and evenings swinging flies with my new Echo 3 6126 and really liked the way it performs, however I didn’t pick up any fish with that method. But on the second day at our lunch spot in the bright midday sun on my first cast with a spinning rod I got slammed by this chrome beauty. This was a super hot early native that put up a great fight.


In floating down I spotted several fish in tail outs and other lies. In talking with other guides and fisherman, fish are being caught but at this time the mouth of the Deschutes is still warmer than the Columbia, so until they start letting colder water out of the gates most fish will remain out in the Columbia. I can’t wait to get back over there as it is an amazing fishery.


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  1. Little K says:

    Fish fought so hard, it ripped Bryson’s sleeves clean off.

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