Foam Extended Body March Brown Fly Tying Video

This years March Brown Hatch has been a scattered and inconsistent at best. High, cold and fluctuating water are to blame for the lackluster fishing. While we are cursing the rain and water today we will be loving it in August and September when the threat of low and warm water will be non-existent.

In the video above Barrett completes an extended body March Brown Pattern. Check out the video below for the how to on creating extended bodies. Pale Morning Duns and Green Drakes are still coming this Summer and the J:Son foam Selections and detached body pins will allow you to tie some killer extended body patterns.

Extended Foam Bodied March Brown

Hook: Daiichi 1160 Klinkhamer Hook
Thread: Ultra Thread 70D Tan
Ext. Body: J Son Detached Body Pins, J Son Colored Foam Selection, Hareline Tinted Mayfly Tails.
Wing: Comparadun Deer Hair
Thorax: Micro Fine Dubbing Tan

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