June 23, 2012 Selway River Trip Sale

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SOAR Northwest River Co. is offering a discount to readers of this blog on the June 23 Selway river trip. The trip launches on June 23 and ends on the 28th, but you will want to fly into Missoula on the 22nd for an orientation. The trip normally runs for $2400 per person and is on sale for $1800 if you mention that you read about it on OregonFlyFishingBlog.com.

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selway river trout

Fishing usually becomes a focus for these trips later in the season when the water normally is a little lower (those later trips are booked for this year). This means that SOAR will be running larger boats on this trip, which of course also means the time on the water is mostly at a downriver pace; you probably won’t be fishing from the boat, and the boats probably won’t be stopping too much while en route. That said, there are usually hours of down time in camp for you to fish to your heart’s content, and many of the camps SOAR uses are near trail access that runs the length of the river. This gives you the opportunity to walk back up to the nice water you silently noted on the way down as the guides stay back to manage the camp and kitchen. And you’ll still have a blast on some legendary whitewater. This year there have already been a few significant run-off episodes, some of which is happening now. The upshot is that there really should be some great opportunities for some great fish in gorgeous water running through an absolutely pristine wilderness. Truly one of America’s great rivers.

selway river whitewater

Please give Ari a call or email to book or to get more information: 208-709-8033. He can also offer some discount on your Missoula accommodation if you book through him. SOAR’s website has more information, logistical details, testimonials, guide profiles, phots and descriptions as well: http://www.northwestriver.com/index.php

Don’t forget to mention OregonFlyFishingBlog.com! This is a great deal, people, you know you want to….


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  1. Rob R says:

    Looks like the McKenzie after global warming.

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