Reminder: Meeting tonight at LCC to discuss McKenzie fisheries

When: Monday, May 21st, 7pm
Where: Lane Community College, Forum Building #17, Room 308
What: Public forum to discuss regulation changes on our watersheds.
Why: Because a bunch of you can’t make it to Salem in August…

So tonight, ODFW’s local staff are going to be on hand at LCC taking public comment on proposed fisheries regulations for next year. The one we’re specifically looking at is to remove bait from an all-wild, catch and release section of river. Seems like a no-brainer regulation change. In fact, it was proposed last year by ODFW staff, and supported by local conservationists and guides, but it was derailed by a handful of people who actually showed up at the meeting arguing that they and their grandkids should be able to gut-hook wild fish.


This is not a commission meeting, but public comment is requested and recorded. The commission meeting (where the fate of regulation changes is ultimately decided) will be August 3rd in Salem.

Tonight is your chance to make your voice heard. But tell your boss now that you need to take off the first Friday in August, because four people complaining in Salem will outweigh forty well-written letters and the recommendation of local biologists. Come tonight, but be there August 3rd to support wild fish on the McKenzie River.

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2 Responses to Reminder: Meeting tonight at LCC to discuss McKenzie fisheries

  1. moon says:

    Thank you for the heads up… see you guys there tonite.

  2. Dwayne says:

    Wes and I will be coming down from Corvallis….

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