House of Hardy Perfect Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Reel


Alright sportsfans, the kid gloves are off and we’re not messing around. The legendary House of Hardy recently released a limited edition run of 250 reels to commemorate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the 140th anniversary of Hardy Bros., and to mark 100 years since the introduction of Hardy’s epic ‘1912 pattern check.’ The ‘1912 pattern check’ was an improved variation of the ‘floating pawl’ check and regulator system used on prior Perfect reels. The 1912 pattern check was used on Perfects from 1912-1916 and is widely regarded as the most visually appealing and collectible check system that Hardy Bros have ever made.

Only 100 out of these 250 limited edition Hardy Perfect Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Reels found their way to the United States and the Caddis Fly has obtained FOUR of them for sale. Before we could even get this blog post up, we’ve already sold two of these reels, meaning you best not delay and give us a call if you want to secure one of the two we have left in the shop.

Each reel has a unique serial number (between 1 and 250), comes in an elegant velvet-lined leather case, and is accompanied by a commemorative coin and booklet detailing the history of Hardy’s great fly fishing heritage. We have one left hand and one right hand retrieve reel available. Call the shop at (541)342-7005 if you’d like to inquire further.

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  1. Ted Winter says:

    I might be interested in your left hand retrieve Hardy Jubilee fly reel. What is the line weight for this reel and what is the price?


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