Klinkhammer Callibaetis Fly Tying Video

Your anchored at Davis or East or Hosmer Lakes and the Callibaetis hatch is going nuts! Fish are cruising, sipping, slurping up mayflies all around you. You tie on a Klinkhammer and lead the biggest fish. The hanging down body of the Klinkhammer style pattern fools him as it appears to be a struggling adult Callibaetis.

Klinkhammer Callibeatis

Klinkhammer Callibaetis

Hook: Daiichi 1167 #10-14
Thread: Uni 6/0 black or gray
Tail: Lemon Wood Duck
Rib: Ultra Wire Gray or White
Body: Ostrich one each Olive, Tan, Grey
Wing: Grey Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Thorax: Callibaetis UV Ice Dub
Hackle: Grizzly or Dun

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