Starlight Leech 2012 Winter Steelhead Fly Tying Video

Al Bunell was a friend and fellow fly tier. A man of personal class and exquisite fly tying skill. One of Al’s specialty flies was the Starlight Leech. This is my version of Al’s fly.

Al left us behind during fall chinook season in 2007. Al taught me much about tying flies, and much more, and I miss him. He was always generous with his time and his skill. Thank you, Al.

The Starlight Leech is one of my favorite picks for winter steelhead, summer stelhead, spring steelhead, and fall steelhead. No kidding. In time, I will share this pattern in different colors, but always the same basic components, the stuff that drives steelhead to eat.

Jay Nicholas
January 2012

Starlight Leech Modern Version

Starlight Leech Modern Version

Hook: TMC 700 #2-6
Thread: Lagartun 150 x-strong Black
Tail: Black Arctic Fox and Hot Orange Krystal Flash
Body: Speckled Crystal Chenille Midnight Fire
Hackle: Black Saddle or Schlappen
Eyes: BalzEyes – Red
Head: Fl. Flame Chenille, medium

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4 Responses to Starlight Leech 2012 Winter Steelhead Fly Tying Video

  1. David McLaughlin says:

    Will this fly work well on the middle rogue river for winter and summer steelhead?

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    David: absolutely yes. The Starlight leech is one of those “works-anywhere-steelhead-live” flies. It has many of the characters of an Egg Sucking Leech that is also an anywhere anytime steelhead fly. That said, it always makes sense to check with folks who fish an area regularly and ask what flies they prefer during each season of the year. My advice would be to carry a few of the SLs with you always, and then add some of the latest greatest hottest locally recommended flies as well.

    Make sense? Best regards, Jay Nicholas

  3. chuck solin says:

    Jay, I follow your tying instructions, and really enjoy your style of teaching. I plan a trip to Alaska end of July first of August. One of the guys I will going with recommended the Starlight Leech but his looked like they had an orange/pink body. Could the body color be changed and still be the original type of fly. Also I noticed in some of your videos that you are storing your streamer flies in large yellow boxes, where did you get those?

  4. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Chuck, sorry did not reply sooner. I rarely ever look at these comments, my bad. Yes, the colors can be switched around and still call the fly the Starlight Leech. It is but another egg-sucking leech variation. The Yellow boxes are the Cliff Bugger Beast or Bugger Beast Jr offered in the Caddis Fly Shop online or just call the shop for help. Have a great time on your AK trip! JN

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