George Cook tonight at the shop, 6-8pm on Spey Lines

March 2, 2012, 6-8 PM, Join us in the shop (FREE!), to hear George Cook, Sage and Rio representative, as he lectures us on the finer aspects of, as he puts it “Sorting out Spey Lines in the Modern Era.”

Jeff Hickman, George Cook Deschutes Steelhead Double

“In the last five years, the caliber of Spey lines in sink-tip variation and adaptation, coupled with the next generation of stinger-style flies, has created a tackle matrix for the Spey-casting enthusiast, who can now approach favored fisheries with the best possible chances for success.

“With Spey rods today, there is an opportunity to fish water of varying speed and depth that previously could have only been approached with hopes of low-percentage success.”

Anyone who knows George Cook will come prepared to learn and laugh at the same instant.

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