Winter Steelhead Report: Great Conditions Persist

wild winter steelhead

Conditions lined up perfectly for good Winter Steelhead fishing this past week. Good numbers of fish, falling river levels, and warmer than average water temperatures made for some awesome fishing. With more mild weather and showers in the forecast, conditions should stay in the sweet spot for a while longer.

Nymphing various egg patterns through bedrock-lined slots has been highly productive, and with much warmer than average water, the fish are more willing than usual to chase a leech or intruder swung in the right water.

We have over 6 more weeks of Winter Steelhead season to look forward to, but there is no time like the present to get out on the river. Runs on many of Oregon’s winter steelhead rivers will be at their peak over the next couple of weeks.

wild winter steelhead fly fishing

In certain areas there are a lot of wild fishing spawning already. If you see colored fish laying over shallow gravel this is what they are up to. Admire them and move along.

winter steelhead fly fising

fly fishing for winter steelhead

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  1. Dave Pulz says:

    I will be in Oregon from 2/16 through 2/21/12 staying between Portland and Lincoln City. Could you please recommend a few steelhead rivers to fish in within close proximity to either city, and also best times to fish, what flies to use, what size flies, what length leader/tippet size? Any other techniques you can recommend? I’ve been flyfishing for over 20 years on the east coast but have never had the chance to fish for steelhead.

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