McKenzie River in Fine Shape Guide Trip Special Returns

The McKenzie has dropped into fine shape and is fishing well. Yesterday I floated from Hendricks to Hayden and nymphing was very good from about 12pm-4pm. My best rig was a Thingamabobber strike indicator with about 6 feet of 3x Tippet and a large Stone Nymph with a smaller Blue Ice Prince or Mega Prince Nymph attached to the bend of the larger stone using 24 inches of 4x Tippet.

Best Flies were: Double Bead Peacock, Mega Prince, BeadHead Stone, Blue Iced Prince, and Jigged Tungsten Bead Prince.


This year we offer our “Pre-Season” special guided float trip for two at the great rate of $275.
Trips are for one or two anglers on the McKenzie or Willamette Rivers. Gear and flies provided, food and beverage are not provided. Since fishing is best during the warmest hours of the day this time of year trips usually run from around 10am to around 3pm. Please call the shop (541 342 7005) to book your day(s).


The section between Hendricks and Belinger landing has changed a bit again this year. There are some great looking, newly formed riffles and runs. Of course with the incredibly high water earlier in the season some islands and log jams have shifted about. Notable sections include the area just below the EWEB Salmon Diversion Canal which has really spread out. I went left which currently seems to be the best route, we will see as the water drops, this may change. And the section just below Belinger where the left channel is partially obstructed, I went right without any troubles.

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2 Responses to McKenzie River in Fine Shape Guide Trip Special Returns

  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Great product placement with the Sage One logo above the rainbow.

    Glad to see the river fishing well.

  2. Stevie says:

    Sssh, don’t tell Lou…I saw stonefly shucks on the bathroom door at the Taylor’s MudSlide launch. There is a big log blocking the launch too.

    Bugs are crawling!

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