Fly fishing blog links: Feb edition

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Looks like 2012 is off to a good start in the fly fishing blogosphere. Below are links to a few book reviews, some hysterical posts, and downright bizarre, thought-provoking writing from my favorite anglers.

Chucking Line: What’s the fly fishing blogosphere really about? Asking the important questions in life… like, should I drink this old bottle of booze I found on the river.

Buster: 2012 industry predictions, satin jackets, shiny platters and sweet sweet rumpcake.

Chester Allen returns to the blogosphere, and he brought a new book with him, about fly fishing for sea run cutthroat. Look for a Puget Sound focus.

Fishing Jones reviews Jeffery Cardenas’s book Marquesa, out of print for years, now reprinted by Departure Books. “A natural voice that perfectly reflects his sheer joy and wonderment from being immersed in this wilderness with tarpon, permit, sharks and even cassiopea.”

Fishing and Thinking: Filthy, filthy carp flies, the Legion of Doom is one of the most original looking fly patterns I’ve seen in a long time. Gotta believe these work on any fish you’d find on any flats.

FishBeer: Matt at FishBeer rules. One of the greatest lines I’ve ever read on a fly fishing blog. “You know what rye whiskey goes great with? Ice. You know what mint leaves go great with? Me neither.”

Fishing with Jay: From the mind of the great Jay Nicholas, “I have no tears, no blame, and no use for regret. I am able to sit here in my little cabin, with my propane stove, looking out at frost on the grass, wood smoke raising from neighbors homes, cows in the farm across the gravel road — because of everything that happened before.”

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2 Responses to Fly fishing blog links: Feb edition

  1. Cory D says:

    Wow, Clay tying up eggo’s……classic.

  2. olderh says:

    atleast he doesn’t rely on his brother to supply him with flies.

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