Three New Felt Soled Wading Boots From Simms Fishing

Simms three year experiment offering exclusively Vibram Soled wading boots is over. Many anglers feel that the very best traction available is a studded felt sole. Simms Fishing listened, and brings to market three great boots with felt soles. The boots are the Felt Guide Boot at $179.95, the Headwater Felt Wading Boot at $129.95, and the Freestone Felt Wading Boot at $99.95. All of the boots will easily accept studs. We like Grip Studs as well as Simms Harbite Studs for Felt.

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2 Responses to Three New Felt Soled Wading Boots From Simms Fishing

  1. Two dogs says:

    Traction was never the issue. It was the tendency of the felt sole to drag organisms from one water source to another. So, Simms has come up with a new felt sole that does not allow that to happen? ….or at least puts it in the same bucket of bleach as the hard sole boots?? It is strange that this is not mentioned.

  2. Two dogs says:

    Ok,ok…so after shooting off my face, i jumped on the internet and it appears that in July of ast year that Simms came to the decision that with all the plashing around we do it is virtually impossible to point the finger at just wading boot soles…what abot the waders, the fishing line, etc. So the bottom line is that they are offering the user a safer product, but leaving protection of the environment to those of us using the strem/rivers. Thats probably where it should be anyway…… What do the rest of you think? Personally, i dont mind washing down my gear before jumping into another river…….to, its something you just do.

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