Caddis Fly Shop review from 1981

Cameron Derbyshire sent us a great article on the Caddis Fly Shop from thirty years ago! The article appeared in Fly Fishing The West in 1981. Check it out.

Caddis Fly Shop – Review and ads

The Caddis Fly Shop is more cluttered and disorganized than some, better than most.

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5 Responses to Caddis Fly Shop review from 1981

  1. Jeff Martin says:

    I”ll take two of thse Caddis Fly Shop McKenzie fly rods @ $42.00 each, quite the deal!!!!!

  2. Derek Johnson says:

    Great article on the beginnings of the shop, and even more fun to look at the advertisement . Do you still have any $15 Wheatley boxes, or $79 Hardy Perfects hidden in the back somewhere?

  3. Joe Palanuk says:

    That deluxe wooden fly tyers box is actually designed to open in the “proper position.” Should find someone locally to make a few of those, at that price!

  4. steve says:

    I feel old… No I feel young remembering those early days…

    Chris, you’ve kept Caddis family…

  5. Michael Strupp says:

    yes shopping at Bob’s beat trying to buy Mustad fly hooks at Bill Hunt’s on Harlow Road!

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