Red Bead Liquid Fusion Crystal Chironomid Fly Tying Video

Chironomid fly fishing continues to grow in the lakes of North America. Many of the patterns have a “see through” “opaque” quality that is hard to achieve with standard materials. In this video Barrett demonstrates how to use Liquid Fusion on the body of a Chironomid pattern. The relatively quick setting Liquid Fusion adds depth and life to Chironomid Patterns. Try it on Copper Johns, Poxy backs and stonefly nymphs as well.


Red bead Crystal Chironomid

Hook: Alec Jackson Crystal Chrionomid Hook
Bead: Med Silver Lined Red Tyers Glass Beads
Thread: Black Lagartun 150x Thread
Body: Thread covered in Liquid Fusion
Rib: Midge Body Red
Wingcase: Turkey Wing
Gills: White Antron

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