EP Tarantula Hairy Legged Tarpon Toad Fly Tying Video

The Tarpon Toad has become a “go to favorite” for anglers all over the world. In this video Barrett demonstrates how to use the new EP Tarantula Hairy Leg Brush to create the body of the fly. The Hairy Leg brush makes a crab like body with much less work than the previous “figure 8 intensive” yarn body. The Tarantula Hairy Legged Brush is durable and adds movement to any fly pattern fresh or salt.


EP Tarantula Hairy Leg Brush Tarpon Toad

Hook: SL12S or SC15 #1-2/0
Thread: Lagartun 150x-strong Chartreuse
Tail: Chartreuse Blood Quill Marabou
Rear Collar: Yellow Cross Cut Rabbit Strip
Body: EP Tarantula Hairy Leg Brush Chartreuse
Eyes: Black Mono Eyes

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  1. We have been tying with the new Tarantula legs since Christmas and love this stuff. Tying saltwater flies and catching loads of 30# class Black Drum, Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, and we have now turned out attention to Cobia and Pompano. This stuff is a lot better than EP’s previous tries. Also check out Chris Windram’s Tarpon Tickler at http://www.saltwaterflies.com/tarpon_ticklers.jpg

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