Half Down Golden Stone Fly Tying Video

In this fly tying video Barrett ties one of our favorite patterns for “hopper dropper” style rigs. The Half Down Golden Stone is a pattern developed by Montana Fly Company. We have modified it a bit to have more hackle, more wing and a straight hook. Our pattern rides higher in the column than the original and will float a size #10 bead head nymph.
The Half Down Golden is one of those patterns that works everywhere. It’s both an imitator and attractor. In the early spring make the body olive and tie the pattern down to a #10 for a Skwala Stone. In Early Summer use the Golden in the video for a traditional Golden Stone and hopper pattern. In fall make the body Orange for an October Caddis.

Half Down Golden Stone

Hook: TMC 5262, 200R or 2302 6-10
Thread: Lagartun 150D
Butt: Black Ice Dub
Tail/Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash
Body/Thorax: Micro Fine Dub Sulphur Orange
Wing: Fly Foam Golden Stone Yellow
Hairwing: Bull Elk
Post: White McFlylon
Hackle: Grizzly Dyed Brown or Brown

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3 Responses to Half Down Golden Stone Fly Tying Video

  1. Fishhamp says:

    These are one of the best new patterns I have come across. I tie the rib with fine wire to keep the fly going fish after fish. I found the mylar or krystal always broke on me. Might just be the teethy fish I was finding though. Thanks for the tie.

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    This is probably my most-fished dry fly, May-Oct. But I’ve never even considered trying to tie them. Nice work Barrett! -MS

  3. Matt Eifler says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. Looking forward to adding this great looking fly to the arsenal.

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