Fly Fishing For Bass on the Willamette River

bass fishing in a bass tracker

Bass fishing guide Larry Cross called the other day to invite me to come have a look at the Willamette River Bass fishery. I jumped at the chance exited to learn a new section of the Willamette. Larry suggested we meet at the Peoria County Park and Boat Ramp at 6am. Just 40 minutes from North Eugene.

sunrise on the willamette

Larry has been fishing for Bass for the last 38 years and has spent many of those years on the Willamette searching out sloughs, backwaters and old chanells that hold both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. He has tournemount fished for bass for the past 10 years all around the state and understands the what, where and how of both species of bass in the Willamette

Having never been on the Willamette near Peoria I found myself heading up to the trip with some very ill-concieved notions: like everything North of Harrisburg is just a single characterless canal. While much of the river has been hemmed in by rip-rap, there are numerous sloughs, back waters and bays that hold a variety of fish species. There are also some great looking trout, salmon and steelhead runs, riffles and pools. We did not fish for trout or steelhead on this trip, but I have no doubt that this section of the Willamette fishes well for both species.

Sage Bass fly rod

smallmouth bass willamette river

If you would like to give this fishery a try give Larry Cross a call at 541 231 1392. You can also have a look at his website He specializes in Willamette River trips from Portland to Corvallis and numerous lakes from Green Peter to Ten Mile. Larry has an excellent Bass Tracker boat and promotes catch and release fishing. He is well versed in fly fishing and conventional gear.

smallmouth on the willamette

Large mouth on the willamette

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  1. Dewy says:

    Caught a few last night near IB and Snag…..On the fly….right at dark in the dirty water.

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