Cast the new Sage ONE Rod today at The Caddis Fly

SAge one fly rod

Our Sage, Rio, Redington Sale Representative George Cook has stopped by this week to write orders for the coming season. While we are in the back battling about some ugly Redington Vest please come by and cast the new and really cool Sage ONE Fly Rod. The rods are lined up and ready to go, it will just take a few minutes of your time. We tried them out yesterday and they are very nice.

Sage has implemented it’s new “Konnetic” technology which nestles or stacks graphite fibers closer to the core of the rod. The results are a slimmer profile, lighter, and stronger fly rod. Of course lighter stronger and slimmer is what every new rod company says when they produce a new series of graphite fly rods. Sage has been and industry leader for around 30 years now and where rod technology and rod actions are concerned Sage has led the charge. The new ONE series is without a doubt another fantastic innovation in fly fishing. What we noticed when casting the new Sage ONE fly rod is that the rod tracks like no other rod available today. Wherever you finish your arm the line is going to follow. The stacked graphite or Konnetic technology reduces torsional movement of the rod resulting in incredible accuracy and line speed. We also found that regardless of length of cast the feel and touch of the line was transmitted through the rod. The new graphite technology also diminishes the ferrule profile to “barely visible”, and adds strength through greater fiber density.

8wt sage one fly rod

The rods are also great looking. The color of the blank is a first for Sage, “Black Ice” with a translucent finish and black thread wraps accented with bronze trim. The rod cork grip is a snub-nose half-wells for rods 3-6 and a full wells with fighting butt on rods 6-10. Trout rods have walnut inserts for the reel seat, and all saltwater capable rods have anodized aluminium seats. All models come with a rod sock and tube as well as Sage’s Lifetime Warranty. Prices Range from $715-740. We will get availability details today but expect to see new rods in the shop by mid August.

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