Another reason to wear polaroids on the water….

So yes, I admit that I was NOT wearing my polaroid glasses at this particular moment. But I do wear glasses all the time, at least if I want to see what’s going on, and it was early in the morning, and then suddenly……

My trusty ball cap was ripped unceremoniously from my head and splatted into the waters of Diamond Lake. Now this was not much of a surprise, because on more than one occasion I have whapped myself in the back of the head with a wind driven fly, and my fishing buddy and I routinely trade flies to the head. I am one up in this contest, having buried a fly past the barb into his ear while he has only stuck me short of the barb, and we are about equal in trading fly-borne injuries and near game-closers. This de-capping felt different, though, delivering a little more decisive ripping-from-head effect.

Retrieving my hat from the dark waters, I examined the hook placement and was astounded. Hook buried waaaay under the bill, about as far back as it could have gone, and with the eye of the hook pointing forward. It remains difficult to imagine the skill and contortional fly line control required to place a fly in this location, but none-the-less, it was achieved, and achieved so close to my eyes that it gave pause.

Close call, and a stern reminder of how important it is to wear some kind of eyewear when fly fishing. Polaroids cut glare, make it easier or even possible to spot fish, and provide basic protection. While am waiting for prescription polaroids, I have been wearing Cocoons Aviator Sunglasses over my regular glasses. My wife won’t let me wear these around town, but they really get the job done on the water.

So, please, wear some form of eye protection, dawn to dark, and keep those little peepers safe. One never knows when one’s buddy will drive a hook into a wind, only to misplace the cast. And I have whapped myself many a time as well, expert fly caster that I am. Ha ha.


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7 Responses to Another reason to wear polaroids on the water….

  1. David Swart says:

    Good advice been wearing fit-overs for years love them,not only the stray flies but you can seee what’s in the water when wading,big rocks,tree limbs,etc.,tight lines,& screaming reels.

  2. Rob R says:


  3. tim says:

    looks like bucktail won out over the craft fur on that one……

  4. island fisher says:

    Wait a second, you were using a clouser on diamond lake?! what is this blasphemy!!!?

    Tight lines

  5. Sean says:

    I have buried a similar hook in my forearm up to the bend in the shank. Had to do some interesting rowing seat surgery to remove it. The thought of one of those in my eyeball makes me shudder. This definitely illustrates the reason for wearing proper eye-wear.

  6. Matt Eifler says:

    I wear my Cocoons around town. But then again, that may explain in part why I don’t have a wife.

  7. Jim Terborg says:

    You can avoid de-capping if you wear your hat backwards. This also gives you protection on the back of your neck from sunburn and “street cred” with the guys at the bait shop. Still wear the sunglasses on the front however. Another tip is to always place the other flyfisher downwind. Better them than you.

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