Dahlberg Diver Bass Fly Tying Video

Matt Stansberry demonstrates how to tie two versions of Dahlberg Diver style flies. We love these for Bass, Pike, Muskie, Freshwater Dorado and more. Spinning deer hair can be intimidating we hope that these videos dispels some of difficulty in tying good looking spun deer hair heads.

Dalberg Diver Bass Bug

Yellow Deer Hair Diver

Thread: Ultra Thread U140 Denier
Hook: Gamakatsu SP11-3LH
Weed Guard: 40-60lbs stiff mono
Mono Loop: 40-60lbs stiff mono
Tail: Yellow Magnum Rabbit Strips
Body: Yellow Marabou
Flash: Flashabou Mirage
Head: Yellow Deer Belly Hair

Dalberg Diver Bass Bug

Dahlberg Diver Style Deer Hair Fly Purple

Thread: U140 Ultra Thread
Hook: SP11-3L3H
Weed Guard: 30-60 Stiff Mono
Tail: Purple 5-7 Chinese Saddle, Purple Haze, Purple Ostrich, Purple Marabou
Head/Body: dyed Deer Belly Hair Purple

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