Teasers & Trailers of Summer Blogs…

Yes, the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog will be hosting some intellectual amazing and eye-popping entries this summer; several, lord willing, from Jay Whoozit or so it is rumored.

Several topics currently are currently “in press.” This is the term used by scientists who claim they have written a manuscript and it is going to be published in a respectable scientific journal for sure and bring in oodles of cash funding to the University or whoever said scientist works for, but no one has any proof whatsoever that this is actually going to happen or if it is pure hooey.

Come to think of it, this is also the sort of trash talk that some people use to gain the appearance of respectability as  — “oh yes, I am actually writing a BOOK about this or that fishing topic” and that ploy works for about two years and then the assertion of being a writer of any fishing book wears a little on the thin side and then these unnamed persons completely stop yakking about same and hopefully continue working on the imaginary project is secret.

Anyway, honestly as possible, summer blogs will include adventures by someone or other in Alaska on the Kanektok River.

Plus, a really enlightening piece on fly linens; or fly lines because we don’t fish linens do we now?

There will be blog posts to support our universal quest to improve technical aspects of fly fishing, including mastery of the new single-hand Spey cast with an interview with our friend RR on how to maintain fingertip contact with bottom hand as you release the D loop.

And actual sea run cutthroat fishing in WASHINGTON, ya know, that state up north with some really SECRET places to fish these little Wiley coyote type fish and for sure a video of tying these always effective sea run and resident cutthroat flies.

And maybe, just maybe – some soft hackle action on the Willamette, and for SURE some videos of tying these cute little flies that are practically microscopic compared to the giant salmon flies I usually tie.

And maybe a story about catching a spring Chinook. I sure hope so.

Stay tuned please, and best to you all.


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3 Responses to Teasers & Trailers of Summer Blogs…

  1. Nathan W says:

    And how am I expected to do all my other work done when there are some legit blogs to read this summer?……. Definitely excited to read about mastering the single-hand spey.

  2. Edna Gerrity says:

    these artistic pictures are lovely… so creative

  3. Dave McCoy says:

    Chris, you better be giving me a call if you are planning a trip up here for SRC’s there buddy!

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