McKenzie Fishing Fine Despite High Water

Mckenzie River fly Fishing

Big water and big flies has been strategy of late on the upper McKenzie River. Nymphing has been consistent using Mega Prince, large Stonefly imitations and Possie Buggers. We have been fishing 6-7 feet of tippet below the Thingamabobber in moderate paced 4-10 foot runs, drop offs and riffles. Sun breaks, afternoon hatches and water temperatures creeping up during the later part of the day have helped fishing improve steadily over the past week.

water temps at vida

Keep an eye on water temps over the the next couple of weeks, they should get warmer. Hatches on the McKenzie to keep and eye out for both on the upper and lower river include: Pale Morning Duns, Pink Ladies, brown Caddis, Green Drakes, Green Caddis, Little Yellow Stones, and larger Golden Stones. If the NOAA forecast is right we are in for some great fishing over the next couple of weeks dropping water is what we need.

vida graph

Mckenzie River fly Fishing

Mckenzie River fly Fishing

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2 Responses to McKenzie Fishing Fine Despite High Water

  1. Fishkamp says:

    What about the Ice Dub Prince? That’s a gem of a fly. All UV and yummy.

  2. Scott Rumple says:

    What section did yall drift?

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