Winter Steelheading Report: In Between Storms

siuslaw hatchery steelhead

We found a few hatchery Steelhead in the Siuslaw system the other day.   The typical indicator rig: large Thingamabobber with 4-6 feet of 1x fluoro and a Lowly Glowly was making it happen. It rained most of the afternoon and the photos are pretty blurry. Bottom line is when the rivers drop back down there will be plenty of Winter Steelhead around.

lake creek hatchery steelhead

bright hatchery lake creek steelhead

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6 Responses to Winter Steelheading Report: In Between Storms

  1. Erik Stowell says:

    Nice chrome guys! Exact same rig worked for me Sunday.

  2. Anthony says:

    I’ve been visiting a few stretches of the Siuslaw below Whitaker for almost two weeks and not been able to hook up. Looks like you guys pulled all of the fish out. I had a great time yesterday when it was pouring rain for a few hours. Nice work!

  3. Why does Oneal look so enraged in fish photos? Did he kill it with his bare hands?

  4. matt O'Neil says:

    when “Bigfoot” is hunting two dudes in a boat he is going to go after the little smiling guy. I’m not taking any chances!

  5. Austin Arrowood says:

    Curious if little bit larger Lowly’s are preferred on this river? Enough diameter to coincide proportionally to size 4 and 2s, rather than the most common seeming 6. Unfortunately I’m typically tying the night before, otherwise an arsenal may show my flouro what invisible really “looks like”

  6. SwittersB says:

    Chris…..How is that camera set up working out so far?? Exciting possibilities.

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