Fish Skull Anchovie “Emperor Nelson”

Coho and Chinook salmon love to eat a variety of baitfish. In this video Barrett ties an anchovy pattern with a fish skull to add weight and profile. Numerous variations of this pattern would be effective.–CD

Fish Skull Anchovie

Fish Skull Anchovie “Emperor Nelson”

Hook: Gamakatsu SC 15 # 2
Thread: X-Strong Lagartun White
Wing: White Bucktail
Flash: Mirage Flashabou Pearl
Wing Top: Blue Bucktail and UV krystal flash hering back
Head: Fish Skull

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2 Responses to Fish Skull Anchovie “Emperor Nelson”

  1. the Fish Skull Anchovie is a peace of art. Mice picture too. I wish I could catch salmon in Florida

  2. Rick B. says:

    You could tie the fly with the hook up.

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