Your tuna truck has come in!

If you live near the coast or in Eugene for that matter I’m sure you have seen the guys in the parking lots selling Oregon albacore out of a truck for 3 bucks a pound. That should be a sign to you that the tuna season is in full swing and maybe if you are fortunate enough to go offshore you might even have a truck out front of your very own! Now I’m not suggesting you go out and sell these beautiful creatures or begin fitting your Koffler with a set of twin Yamaha’s, but the thought may just cross your mind. Well the bite is and has been on so please enjoy these pictures responsibly! If you have any desire to try and chase longfins with a fly rod please let us know. Also keep in mind the opportunity passes as fast as the fish so don’t be afraid to get caught up in the tuna fever. We would love to help in anyway possible with your gear or trouble shooting so call the shop for info.


Also a thank you to Oregon’s Magazine 1859 for hopping along the rocks chasing Rockfish… For their take on the trip and a great magazine check out 1859’s blog.


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3 Responses to Your tuna truck has come in!

  1. two dogs says:

    Great write-up there Capt.Nate! They had that one correct though….no Nate, no fish… When is it you’re on Oprah?

  2. gregH says:

    Way to go Captain Nate… you’re a cowboy. Sign me up and “Let er buck”!! Great blog on 1859, too… very cool.

  3. Rob R says:

    That is the sweetest tuna fly I have ever seen!!

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