Koffler Boat Under Construction?

Can it be wrong to be so passionate about salmon fishing that one would consider expanding one’s fleet of watercraft, simply to increase the options for catching an actual Chinook salmon by a factor of 0.00743, annually?

So, how many boats constitute a fleet anyway? I have owned five Koffler boats since about 1980.

Jay's Koffler boat construction

Bruce, still smiling, was the MAN, and little Joe was sweeping the shop floor. Wonder why these guys smile every time I walk in the door. I have owned and fished Alumaweld and Willie Boats over the years. Both fine boats. I’ve since decided to go with Koffler boats as I seem to be building my fleet, though, because it is so nice to work with a family I have known for over three decades.

Jay's Koffler boat construction

Here is my garage with my Koffler drift boat (16’x54” Guide Boat with raised front and rear Diamond Plate decks) and Whitewater pram (11’x48” Hunter-Killer salmon stalking machine designed for river and estuary adventures). These beauties have put me into many a fish-a-year in some surprising places and I sometimes loan each of these boats to a friend otherwise known as “Sneaky Pete.”

Not a fleet. Not yet.

Each of these waterish vehicular fly fishing platforms provides most excellent and admirable properties and each has allowed me to hook at least one salmon per year since their respective acquisition.

Jay's Koffler boat construction

Here is me with Joe Koffler, working on the specs for my NEXT boat. Never thought I would take this step. A power-boat designed specifically for fly fishing kings in the honest to goodness saltwater reaches of Oregon’s bays. Funny thing, I just figured out that this boat also will be one super fine craft for fishing all sorts of places that were pretty much off limits to me before. The Alsea to head-of-tide. Diamond Lake. The Willamette. Siletz tidewater. Umpqua tidewater. Tillamook Bay. I will be able to prowl the Nestucca far more widely than I could before. Ooohhh – the lower Rogue.

Jay's Koffler boat construction

The silent steelhead looked on.

A shotgun rests at the ready in the corner.

Jay's Koffler boat constructionx

Joe tallies the tab.

Jay's Koffler boat construction

Joe smiles. I’m happy. He’s happy. The fleet is about to grow.

Anyone know where I could store this new power boat in the off season?

O yeah. The boat? Specs? 16’x60”. 20 hp outboard. Built in Fish box and wash down system. Clean, lean, and mean. A fly fisher’s dream platform. No seats. Just open space to fly cast and (once-a-season) fight a fish. The kings should show well this year. So maybe 2 fish. And sea runs. Ooohh yeah.

Expect play-by-play as the construction continues. Fleet construction underway.


Jay sent these photos for an update. Watch out Salmon!




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5 Responses to Koffler Boat Under Construction?

  1. Rick Allen says:

    Hey Jay.
    Your welcome to store it at my house. Ha!
    Nice Boat. Are you going to go with a jet or a prop?

  2. scott says:

    You can park it in my driveway, close to the Coos Bay bar a few minutes from Winchester bay and Smith river. Would “LOVE” it as if it was my very own and you could use it anytime you want to.

  3. Jay Nicholas says:

    Gentlemen: thanks for the kind offers. I am forming a list of potential homes away from home. Decided to go with 20 h. Honda. About a hundred pounds compared to a 65 hp pump at around three-hudred pounds. I wanted lean & mean stealthy craft and this seemed the perfect place between the 11′ pram, which is an amazing fish hunter n its own right, and the 20′ jet boat. This is a tidewater fly fishing special. I was REALLY tempted by the pump, but hey, maybe a few years will see another fleet expansion? Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep you posted on progress. JN

    And yes, we can work on scheduling me to use it now and then!

  4. Jeff Mishler says:

    Boy, looks like my garage, and my armada. Guess I won’t be alone anymore in those places my flatbottom can only access….My motor’s bigger though so I can get there faster.


  5. Rob R says:

    Fancy. Pants.

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