Weather and water moving through the Willamette Valley.

Despite local weather conditions being nasty to say the least, trout fishing has been holding up nicely both on the upper and lower Mckenzie. In addition the Middle Fork of the Willamette near Oakridge has been seeing some decent green McKenzie Caddis action. Look for the water to go up but not out over the next couple of days. Hills Creek Resevoir’s outflow was just increased and the minor flush is a welcome to the upper Willamette fishery. Trout will spread out and new fish from the lower river and lake bed of Lookout Point Reservoir will move up. A “reshuffling of the deck” as some of our Norther Umpqua guide buddy’s call it.

Hatches on the lower McKenzie to be aware of this time or year include Pale Morning Duns, small brown Caddis, Little Yellow Stones and Green Mckenzie Caddis. For the upper McKenzie and Middle Fork be looking for Pale Morning Duns, a variety of caddis including the Big Green, Golden Stones, and few Green Drakes.

The inclimate weather is a bit of a pain now but the late water makes for a great summer to come. Speaking of summer how about the Steelhead numbers over Willamette Falls! If the current pace keeps up we are looking at a 2004 like run. Wow there were some fish around that year. Dexter Dam down to Valley River on the Willamette system and Leaburg down to Hendricks on the McKenzie are the areas to concentrate your steelhead angling. Swinging  Sink tips using Moal Leeches, Pick Yer Pockets, Green Butt Skunks, Loop Leeches and Salmonid Buggers will be effective until we get lower water.–CD

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2 Responses to Weather and water moving through the Willamette Valley.

  1. David Jensen says:

    So many steelhead in the McKenzie that they are already being recycled as far down as Hayden. These are bright, feisty (for hatchery raised), and fat fish. It is barbecue time.

  2. larry manth iii says:

    We had some last year….delicious!!!

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