Fly fishing for Shad in Oregon: Tony’s Shad Dart

May and June are prime months for Shad fishing on the Umpqua and Siuslaw Rivers in Oregon. The Umpqua gets a very reliable run around Elkton and the Yellow Creek area. In this video Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie a proven Shad Dart. Other colors and densities can be utilized but the basic “dart” style is very effective for Shad.–CD

Tony's Shad Dart

Hook: Saltwater # 4 Daiichi 2546
Eyes: Med Brass Eyes Nickel
Thread: U140 Chartreuse
Tail: Mirage Krystal Flash
Underbody: Holographic Tinsel
Overbody: Med Chartreuse V-Rib
Hackle: Krystal Flash Fl. Chartreuse
Head: Flame STS Trilobal Dub

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3 Responses to Fly fishing for Shad in Oregon: Tony’s Shad Dart

  1. Jared says:

    you should shorten the name to “shart.”

  2. paul says:

    are you selling these? can you make on a 6 hook? different colors?

  3. Lynn Mickey says:

    Do you sell these shad darts (shad fly)? I would like to buy some shad flies to try here on the east coast. They are not popular here. We use mostly flutter spoons.
    Thank you, Lynn Mickey

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